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Membership Application


Terms and Conditions of Leisure Katz Members Club

Each Member of Leisure Katz Members Club shall be 21 years of age or older.

Each Member of the Leisure Katz Members Club must be a consenting adult.

Each Member must submit a membership request found HERE and submit 

a copy of their valid Photo ID, showing their face, name,  and birthdate.

Each Member agrees to a code of silence about other members' names, personal details, or activities while attending a member's club event. This is a zero tolerance policy. Any member found in violation of this policy shall be banished from the membership unless pardon is granted by the offended parties.

Each Member must pay yearly or monthly dues. Membership tiers and benefits will be discussed by a membership representative upon acceptance into the membership.

At every Members Club event, consent is the master key. Without the key of consent, the party stops. If you choose to ignore any expressed rejection of your advance, you will be escorted off the property and be banished irrevocably. Your membership dues will not be refunded.

A member may bring a guest to any member's event. A ticket for your guest will still need to be purchased. Multiple guest invitations are available on a case-by-case basis.

Membership Fees are non-refundable, if member terminates membership. In some cases, a membership credit can remain on your account should you decide to re-activate your membership.

Members' guests are also subject to this agreement. Inviting member is responsible for all activities by invited guests.

There shall be absolutely no solicitation of any kind, by guest or host at any Leisure Katz Members Club event.

By submitting a request for Membership, Member accepts this code of conduct and does now pledge to honor and keep the policy even after their membership ends.

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